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The Black Young Democrats of San Francisco (BYDSF) is an political organization built of young professionals, students, and community leaders of all ages who actively advocate for issues facing Black/African American community.  As the flagship Democratic club for young Black/African Americans in San Francisco, we work to ensure that our elected officials hear the perspectives of our community through our membership.  We believe it is our duty to Engage, Empower, and Inspire.

MISSION: The Black Young Democrats of San Francisco are dedicated to activate and empower young Black/ African American leaders to engage in the democratic process through education, advocacy and activism in order to strengthen our influence in politics and policies that affect our lives.

VISION: The Black Young Democrats of San Francisco will be a recognized leader in providing the necessary tools and infrastructure for Black/ African Americans to actively participate in the democratic process while simultaneously fostering leaders to further influence policy and help improve the overall quality of life and general welfare of Black/ African American residents of San Francisco.

DECLARATION OF PURPOSE: The purpose of the Black Young Democrats of San Francisco shall be to support and help elect candidates at the local, state, and federal levels of government who will advocate the values of the BYDSF.  The organization shall also contribute to the growth and influence of young Black/ African American people by educating and registering voters, develop leaders, and contributing to other platforms set forth by the general membership.  In addition, to fundraise for organizational activities and for support of candidates and issues set forth by the organizations general membership.

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Here are some troubling facts about San Francisco’s Black community. 


In the last 20 years San Francisco’s Black population has fallen by more than half of what it was. (US Census)



More than a third of Black youth will not earn a high school degree. (SFGate 2010) 



Nearly a fifth of Blacks in San Francisco are unemployed.  (U.S. Census 2010)



More than a fifth of Blacks in San Francisco are living in the midst of poverty. (City-Data.com) 

Policy Focus

The Black Young Democrats of San Francisco’s theory of change is very simple – Engage, Empower, and Inspire.  In order for us to be successful thinkers and innovators of change we must collectively engage our surrounding communities, empower those who are often left voiceless or have the potential to flourish, and work to inspire generations of new leaders for tomorrow. True change can only arise when we stand together as one. Without uniting together and working together as a community, Black/African Americans in San Francisco will not be able to secure their stake in San Francisco for future generations.

That is why the BYDSF believes in taking action on a grassroots level to restore the Black/African American community in San Francisco. With innovative ideas, political, and business networks we believe that we can change the status quo and enrich the quality of life that our community deserves. That is why our policy focus’ is split into thirds:

  • Education Advocacy

  • Housing And Transportation

  • Enhancing Justice and Reducing Violence





Education Advocacy

  • Equal Access and Affordability
  • Closing the Achievement Gap
  • Supporting Programs that Support Our Youth

Housing and Transportation

  • Free Muni For Youth
  • Housing Fund for Low Income Working Class Families
  • Increasing Affordable Housing Opportunities

Pro Justice | Anti Violence

  • Reducing Violence And Promoting Public Safety
  • Community Policing
  • Youth Mentorship and Development




Meet the inspiring team of young people that form the leadership of the Black Young Democrats of San Francisco.


Theo Ellington

Born and raised in SF, Theo is devoted to advocating for equal opportunities for all San Franciscans.  

VP of Finance

Kai Wilson

A native of Chicago, Kai is an energetic person that hopes to influence the many communities of San Francisco.

VP Communications and Outreach

Obai Rambo

A native of San Francisco and Vallejo, Obai is a motivated and ambitious community leader who is determined to enhance the quality of life in the City.

VP of Administration

Javairee Pruit Hill 

 A recent USF graduate, Javairee is a community leader who aims to better the lives of the next generation of San Franciscans.

VP of Programming

Leah LaCroix

Leah’s San Francisco native values, formal education, and strong belief in community has significantly shaped her passion and dedication to regional equity in planning and public policy.

Member at Large

Cory Mickels 

Cory Mickels, native of San Francisco, is passionate and committed to community development.


Our community in San Francisco is dwindling, the obstacles are mountainous, and our future here is questionable. Yet, the Black Young Democrats of San Francisco are working to ensure that our community forever has a home in the “City by the bay”. With your help we can secure this very simple goal. Become a member of the Black Young Democrats of San Francisco today by clicking this link. After you have signed up to become a member please “like us” on Facebook to stay up to date on upcoming meetings, events, and other ways that you can get involved.

It takes a community to save a community. 



To support leaders that support us and assist us in our community work donations are more than needed.


Community Events

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